The Alexander Technique

Whoever you are and whatever you would like to do, or do better, the Alexander Technique is for you.

The Alexander Technique is not a therapy, but rather a self-help system that will enable you to identify habits and patterns of behaviour that are causing you problems. Those problems may be:

• pain in the neck, back or joints
• muscle tension and stiffness
• poor posture
• breathing and vocal problems
• anxiety and stress-related conditions

The Alexander Technique can help all of these problems, it can restore balance to your life, promote a sense of ease in movement, and reduce strain.

I teach lessons in the Alexander Technique in Glasgow. My pupils come from all walks of life, and have many aims. I work with people who would like to:

• move freely and without pain
• improve their performance in music or drama
• prevent injury when exercising
• work more efficiently

The lessons offer you guidance, both hands-on and verbal, to make the changes necessary to eliminate tension and restore a sense of balance.

How many lessons you have depends on your particular needs and goals. To discuss what you would like to do, please call me on 07968 333464 or get in touch via my contact form.  Find out more >