About Amanda

I first had Alexander Technique lessons at music college and loved how it made me feel so light, free, and energised.

Later, I returned to the Technique after experiencing a lot of neck and shoulder tension whilst playing my cello in orchestras. This continual discomfort had begun to threaten my career as a professional musician. The Alexander lessons I had at this time gradually enabled me to help myself; I became aware of habitual patterns of tension, made a choice to deal with them, and had the tools to do so.

The experience was life changing, and in 2008 I decided to embark on a full time three year training course at the Bristol Alexander School. I qualified in summer 2011, became a teaching member of STAT (the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique)* and returned to my home in Glasgow to set up my Alexander practice.

I now teach AT in Glasgow to fellow musicians and anyone else who would like to become more self-aware in order to prevent harmful postural habits.

When I’m not teaching I play cello for the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra.

* What being a teaching member of STAT means …
I am a teaching member of STAT and can use the letters “MSTAT” after my name. This means that I have successfully completed an approved three-year training course, I am required to adhere to STAT’s published Code of Professional Conduct and Competence, I have a CRB Enhanced Disclosure, and I am covered by professional indemnity insurance.

Get in touch

To book a lesson or find out more please call me on 0141 632 4313 or 07968 333464. You can also email me usingĀ my contact form.