AT Lessons


Lessons with me are driven by what you want to do, what you want to change in your life. Each lesson lasts 30 minutes, and you can book as many as you would like. Remember to wear comfortable clothes as you will be moving around and lying down during the session.

Your first lesson

Your first lesson will be longer than the standard half a hour: up to 40 minutes. There is no extra charge for this extra time. The extended session allows time for you to tell me about yourself, and for me to explain what you can expect from lessons and the Technique.

What happens in a lesson

I use gentle hands-on guidance to direct you in simple everyday movements, eg standing, sitting, walking, bending, so you build up an awareness of yourself and how you move. I will encourage you to take time to think in ways that will have a positive effect on your sense of balance and coordination.

With this awareness you can begin to look after yourself, use less tension, feel more energised, and think more clearly.

The classic Alexander lying down position, “semi supine”, is learnt early on so you can rest your back and give yourself time to stop and “do nothing”.

If you can try to practise this position at home daily.


Lessons with me cost £30. Lessons last 30 minutes except for the first lesson which is 40 minutes (£40). Book and pay for a block of six lessons, and you’ll get one lesson free.


I’m currently offering AT lessons in Glasgow.

Book your lesson

To book a lesson or find out more please call me on 07968 333464. You can also email me using my contact form.