Getting it right!

I wonder how often I’ve tried to get something right ie a difficult passage of notes in a Wagner opera for instance or giving a talk about AT for a group of new people. The harder I try the more tension creeps in, so AT helps me to recognise this and change my response to the ‘wanting to be right’. If I can come back to the basics of where I am physically, asking for freedom in my neck so my head can be balanced freely on my spine, so my back can lengthen and widen…this is a good starting point.

” You all want to know if you’re right. When you get further on you will be right, but you won’t know it, and you won’t want to know if you’re right ”
( F.M. Alexander)

What the AT can give you is a sense of your own innate individuality in any given situation, by using the principles of  inhibition and direction you can gain more control, balance and freedom in everything you do.

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