Finding the time!

Are there enough hours in the day to do everything and still have time for the Alexander Technique? The Technique, having been learnt gives you a set of tools that you carry with you all the time, it can become a way of life and not something you have to set hours aside to ‘work at ‘!

The first lessons you have, set in motion a new awareness of self, how you move, how you think and you begin to notice your habits. You will be encouraged to set aside 10-15 minutes a day for ‘semi-supine’ ie lying down which has the effect of quietening your nervous system and helps to let go of muscular tension. The time it takes to learn and embody the Technique varies from person to person.

What I love about AT is that at ‘stressful, high pressure moments’ I can choose to engage my thinking , using the principles that F.M Alexander brilliantly prescribed . Having positive experiences like this proves to me that it absolutely works!

” This means a constant influence in the right direction, leading to change which will prove permanent , for it will become associated with a tendency for the defect or disease to be diminished, and when a given point of change is reached, the undesirable symptoms will disappear.”
The Universal Constant in Living, p85 ,F.M.Alexander

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